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" V - FLOOR "


"Quality and service that will floor you."

Floor Coats: Welcome



Welcome to " V - Floor " , where you will find the widest range of Floor Coating Products that ensure protection & seamless uniform levelling on Concrete / MS surfaces.  

Flooring forms an important elements in any building and influences so many factors that will ultimately have an impact on whether the space was a success or not. We are sure there are plenty of factors when designing a space and  that we often leave the floor at the last . It is infact very important for the floor to be in the initial thought process right from inception of concept drawings and sketches.When starting an industry,  there is one thing that brings the whole area together: the flooring. Without the right flooring, your office / industry can have design elements in all the right places and still not look right.

The industry verticals that "V - Floor " serves include

  1. Epoxy self levelling Floor toppings

  2. Car Parking - UV Protection Floors

  3. E - Series : General Industrial flooring 

"V - Floor " coatings are with resistant coatings properties to chemicals, abrasion, mechanical, hard wearing, microbial growth, cracks, undulation. They exhibit fantastic aesthetic appeal and extended longer service life to concrete.

Our presence in the industrial sector has world class manufacturing facilities, technical expertise and innovative products to service any type of system suited to customer demands.

We provide complete Floor coating system services meeting customer requirements and also provides ecofriendly system. 

We work closely with end users, provide technical services and inspect the Floor and submit our recommendations suitable for Floor.

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Floor Coats: Products


Our easy to apply floor coat can be successfully applied to a wide variety of floors and surfaces. Be it your shop floor , parking , garage , your basement or any of your commercial or institutional floors, it will go on quickly and easily. Our floor coat kits are extremely easy to use and also provide the best floor solutions. One of the most important aspects is the floor coatings permanent adhesion which provides a proper cleaning and etching of the surface. 

The degree of success and longevity of the floor coating system depends largely on the prevailing floor condition and surface preparation.


  • New concrete surface must be a minimum of 20 days old, free from curing compounds and sealers, free from moisture and have a moisture content of less than 5% prior to application of the clear primer.

  • Old concrete surface should ideally be free from dampness and rising moisture, deep oil contaminations.

Floor Coats: Products


Step 1 : Substrate

For removal of Oily impurities on floor necessary chemical/solvent cleaning is carried out to have surface free from oil suited for application of primer coat



Step 2 : Substrate + Clear Primer

Primer Coat Application: Ensure that the surface is free from dust , sand and dry suitable for application of first coat of Epoxy Primer coat over the prepared floor and then allow it to dry.



Step 3 : Substrate + Clear Primer + Screed Coat

Epoxy Screed Layer Application :  After the prime coat is dry an Epoxy Screed layer of required thickness as per recommended Floor Paint system  is applied.



Step 4 : Substrate + Primer+ Screed + Top coat

Top Coat Application: After the floor is soft grinded and cleaned (free from dust generated during grinding). The sealer coat or final recommended top coat of required thickness is applied and then allowed to dry for minimum 24 hours.


​Let us brief down some of the advantages of the floor coat 

  • Durability – A properly bonded epoxy coating forms a very hard surface and holds up a lot of concentrated weight . It resists damage from abrasions and impacts. It will continue to look good and perform well even under heavy wear, all the while protecting the concrete floor underneath. They resists oil stains, beads water, and wipes super clean and will create a seamless surface.

  • Aesthetics – Floor coatings come in virtually any color you ask for , added to that , we can offer numerous varieties of textures , create metallic effects .. just suiting your requirement . These coatings create a high gloss surface. The brightness of an area with epoxy floor can be increased by 150-200%. Different patterns can be combined to create driveways to identify walkable areas.

  • Longevity – Epoxy floor coat when maintained can easily be expected life of 5 to 10 years . 

  • Health and Safety – Epoxy coatings are easy to clean, and their impermeability to liquids prevents mold or and bacteria from growing in the porous concrete below. These products are also used in food industry and pharmaceutical industries where the product would be food grade certified . 

Floor Coats: Welcome
Cleaning Products


Now that the right flooring system is established , surface preparation and application process is only half work done .To ensure the product has a long lasting life , care should be taken.

The following measures have to be taken care of to ensure a good performance and longer life of the floor coat. 

  • Avoid spillage of oil, if spilled, wipe dry at the earliest

  • Avoid water stagnation, wipe dry at the earliest

  • Avoid spillage of chemicals and solvents, if spilled, wipe dry at the earliest

  • Do not use trolleys with steel / iron castors

  • Do not drag objects

  • Avoid excessive impact

  • Do not drop sharp objects

  • Do not apply point load on the surface

  • Use rubbers mats while doing hard tool works

  • Use rubber-soled shoes that are clean from dirt & grime

  • Clean 2 - 3 times a day

  • Use mild detergent and wash thoroughly with water

  • Wipe floor dry and use floor after it is thoroughly dry

Floor Coats: Welcome
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